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Are you feeling lost and deluded by charting indicators that are lagging in nature? Do you want to detect a golden cross or see an indicator turn around before it actually happens? Minichart predictive indicator not only uses a simple, widely followed and highly effective indicator to trade the market but it enables trader to detect the signals before the actual triggering point! With our proprietary indicator, you can consistently gain a winning edge on your daily trades! Too good to be true? Seeing is believing!

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Other proprietary formula

- new breakout indicator - adopt the high probability breakout technique
- volume indicator - its behaviour at different phrases of market conditions
- multiple moving averages - shows the trend of the market
- ichimoku - shows the trend of the market, entry and trailing stop levels
- candlestick - unique visual cues that make reading price action easier
- big move - movers and shakers of the day
- chart pattern scanner - head & shoulder, triangle, double bottom etc

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